Thai Floor Cushion Triangle Pillow Original 3 Mat Zwart/Oranje

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This Thai folding cushion has 3 mats, is made in the color black / orange and is suitable for both inside and outside. This cushion is perfect to use as a seat cushion, reclining cushion, meditation cushion, floor cushion, to watch TV or, for example, to set up a nice lounge corner. The cushion can be unfolded in several ways, so you can set the ideal length up to a maximum length of 165 cm including the triangle headrest.

These Thai (Moon Kwan) cushions are handmade in Thailand under good and fair working conditions and with only durable materials (100% organic kapok filling and 100% cotton cover). To guarantee extra quality and durability, the seams of all our cushions are double stitched.

- Color: Black / Orange with elephant pattern
- Dimensions: 44x52x52 cm (17"x20"x20") (LxWxH) folded in with a length of 165 cm (65") fully folded out
- Material: 100% cotton cover and 100% pure kapok filling
- Weight: 5.5 kg
- For inside and outside (garden, living room, bedroom terrace, children's room / play corner)

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