Thai Floor Cushion Triangle Pillow Original 4 Mat Green

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This Thai cushion with 4 mats in green is ideal for both inside and outside. Use the cushion as a handy floor cushion or meditation cushion, to sit or lie against, watch TV, or to create a nice lounge corner. The cushion can also be folded out in different ways and to different lengths, with a maximum length of 210 cm (82 inch) including the triangle headrest.

These Thai floor cushions are made entirely by hand in Thailand under good and fair working conditions with only durable materials (100% cotton cover and 100% kapok filling). The seams of the cushions are double stitched for robust quality and durability.

- Color: Green with elephant pattern
- Dimensions: 44x52x60 cm (17"x20"x24") (LxWxH) folded in with a length of 210 cm (82") fully folded out
- Material: 100% cotton cover and 100% pure kapok filling
- Weight: 7 kg
- For inside and outside (garden, living room, bedroom, terrace, children's room / play corner)

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