About us

Thai Moonz originated from our passion for travel, culture and entrepreneurship.

Traveling is an important aspect in our lives and brings us in contact with different people and cultures. In Thailand we came in contact with local rice farmers who, in order to supplement their income, produce these traditional pillows in their time between harvests. These pillows, called moon kwans, have been used by the local population in Thailand since ages. Everyone who has been on holiday in Thailand knows these pillows or has one. By bringing a piece of this Thai way of relaxing to Europe, we combine our love for entrepreneurship and sharing the rich Thai culture.

In the meantime we have been living in Thailand for 2½ years with great pleasure and we experience this warm, rich and friendly culture on a daily basis. With Thai Moonz we hope to share a piece of Thailand with you. We do this by focusing entirely on qualitative and original Thai products that color and enrich your home. With Thai Moonz you can easily bring a beautiful piece of Thai culture into your home.

We distinguish ourselves on the following points:

  • All our pillows are double-stitched to ensure the quality and durability of the cushions.
  • The filling material consists of 100% pure and pure kapok, a natural cotton-like fiber from the kapok tree.
  • All cushions are completely hand-woven, filled and stitched.
  • We are the only supplier of the moon kwan 4 mat for taller people!

We hope that you enjoy your Thai Moonz pillows just like us. If you have any questions, please contact us via [email protected]

Geert and Rudi