How to use

A Moon Kwan can be used in many different ways, both sitting and lying down. The mats are foldable which makes different positions possible. Below you can see some examples of the most common sitting and lying positions.

Every Moon Kwan gives good support and results in a relaxed seating or lying position. The filler material (kapok) has a special feature that makes the Moon Kwan feel soft and firm at the same time when you sit or lie on it. That way you can really relax.


Folded position. So neat and a colorful, cheerful accent in space!


The unfolded position. Easy to lie down on (2.25 meters with a 4-mat XL Moon Kwan) or to read a book.


Partially unfolded / folded position. Shorter sitting or lying position to sit relaxed or read a newspaper.


This position folds the mattresses all the way. This gives you a good thick backrest as support.


Sitting or lying position with ascending mat. Relaxed sitting or lying in the garden or in front of the TV.


Which position do you think is best?